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Upcoming Events: August 3rd – Michael Ray, Love and Theft

We’re thrilled to announce that Eloise Asylum has unveiled a new arm of entertainment! The Iconic Eloise Venue is now your destination for unforgettable shows and much more.

Mark your calendars for August 3rd, as we present a night of electrifying music at The Iconic Eloise Venue! Prepare for a sensational experience headlined by the incredible Michael Ray, whose powerful vocals and captivating stage presence will light up the night. Joining him are the harmonious Love and Theft, the dynamic Ryan Jay and the Wrecking Krew, and the soul-stirring Rob Stone. It’s a blend of country rhythms and passionate performances you won’t want to miss.

Secure your tickets now for a night filled with melodies that resonate deep within the heart of country music. Visit our website for more details and let us guide you through a night to remember. Sing along, make memories, and join us for an evening that will last a lifetime!

Michael Ray - Iconic Eloise Venue

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Step into a world where history meets modern convenience at Eloise Asylum, an iconic venue now available for your most ambitious events. With a sprawling capacity of 5,000, Eloise offers flexible general admission seating, exclusive VIP areas, and a comfortable pavilion setting that ensures every guest experiences the magic of your event. Whether planning a high-energy concert or a cultural festival, Eloise is equipped to handle it all. On-site alcohol service adds a spirited touch to your gathering, making it seamless to entertain and impress. Fill out our form today to secure Eloise Asylum for your next big event and turn your vision into a spectacular reality.

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