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Paranormal Investigations

Paranormal Investigations at Eloise Asylum

Public Paranormal Tours

Investigate the notorious paranormal activity at Eloise Asylum most Saturday evenings (and select Fridays) throughout the year!

Upon arrival guests will be divided into groups of 10-15.

Each small group will be led by a Professional Eloise Paranormal Guide.

Groups will separate and search for paranormal activity in various hot spots throughout this former State Hospital.

Guests are welcome to bring their own investigative Equipment or utilize Eloise Asylum’s equipment.

Paranormal teams are welcome to attend these events and will be permitted to remain as one group. However, teams must understand they will not be the only group on site.

Tours Run from 8PM – 2AM

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Team Paranormal Investigations

Professional and Novice paranormal investigation teams are encouraged to seek out this booking for your visit to Eloise Asylum.

Your team must be 10 people or more.

The base fee fo rthis event is $100 per person.  Teams are welcome any night of the week.

You will be provided your team’s own Eloise Professional Guide.

This event is not equivalent to a site rental.  Access is not exclusive.  Other teams may or may not be on site.

This is a unique opportunity to network with other paranormal investigation teams while retaining the ability to investigate with your own team.

Reserve a Booking now!

Paranormal Site Rental

Interested in reserving the entire Eloise Asylum site for your paranormal investigation?  In that case, we offer paranormal site rentals.

This even starts at $1200 for the evening. $120 per person with a 10 person minimum.

Your team will have access to the site from 8pm to 2am.

This event is available Sunday through Thursday.

We may be able to make arrangements Friday or Saturday however, please call  for pricing.

Production Site Rental

Eloise Asylum is available as location for productions as well.  We host film productions, photography sessions, Music Video Productions, etc.

Please call and we can see if Eloise Asylum is a good fit for your project.

Know Before You Go

Upon arrival to the Kay Beard Building, guests will be asked to check-in and complete their waivers. Once done, guests will be broken into smaller groups with a dedicated guide. These guides are Eloise Paranormal experts who can answer your questions about the site and the paranormal. We offer an array of investigating gear for guests to use or you are welcome to bring your own. 

Throughout the evening, guests will venture across our sprawling site visiting well-known paranormal hotspots. Guests are encouraged to take photos, participate in EVP sessions, EMF sweeps, and even make use of our SLR camera to capture paranormal activity for themselves. 

Drinks and snacks, as well as merchandise are available for purchase. Guests may return to their vehicles throughout the night to retrieve food, drink, extra batteries (etc.) The use of drugs or alcohol is strictly forbidden on property and would result in removal from the night’s tour without a refund.

Please be aware that our tours are rain or shine and we have no running water or heat on-site, so please dress weather appropriately.


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