Eloise Asylum: Elevating Haunted Attraction Experience

Prepare to be immersed in a world of horror like never before at Eloise Asylum. Our multi-million dollar attractions boast cutting-edge scare technology, featuring world-tour level production that rivals the best in the business. Step into a realm of terror where advanced projection mapping technology creates an ultra-immersive experience, making the horror unfold around you with eerie realism.

Beyond Your Wildest Nightmares

Eloise’s sprawling 54,000 sq ft facility sets the stage for a haunting horror experience that stands unparalleled. Every night, over 120 courteous event staff and professionally trained scare actors bring the horrors to life. This brand-new, walk-through horror spectacle promises an adrenaline-pumping journey expected to last 35-40 minutes. As you navigate the eerie corridors, be prepared to encounter the unknown and face your deepest fears.

Eloise Asylum Is Rapidly Emerging As The Disney Of Haunted Attractions, And We’ve Spared No Expense To Ensure An Unforgettable, High-Tech Horror Adventure Within Our 54,000 Sq Ft Space.

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This experience is a timed-ticketed event. 

Eloise Asylum remains OPEN past box office hours – Guests MUST BE ON-SITE BEFORE the Box Office closes.

RETURN AND REFUND POLICY: All ticket sales are final. No refunds or returns. Your ticket will allow you to reschedule for another time during the same season.

High-Intensity Night – November 4th Only

Experience Eloise Asylum like never before on Saturday, November 4th, for a one-night-only event of high-intensity horror. The show becomes more interactive, and guests will be asked to take part in the action! Are you ready for the most intense night at Eloise Asylum? Opt for high intensity extras or choose a less intense experience with a glow necklace – the choice is yours.