Eloise Asylum | Escape Room

Dare to Enter Eloise

Where Thrills, Chills, and Escape Room Adventures Collide!

Haunted Hallway

Get Ready for an Escape Room Adventure Unlike Any Other!

After being abandoned for decades Eloise Asylum had sat vacant. Recently someone… or something has moved back in. Many have thought themselves brave enough explore the ancient, abandoned Asylum; hoping to solve its mysteries. None have returned in once piece. Now you and your intrepid team have found yourselves trapped in a padded cell with no hope of escape… will you become its next victims or will you emerge from: THE ASYLUM

Immersive Hollywood Level Experience comes to Eloise!

Escape the Asylum is an escape room adventure that will thrill you and your friends!  Its fun for families and groups of all kinds. Experience an immersive adventure unlike any other right here at Eloise Asylum!