The Heist Escape Room

Step Into The Shoes Of A Covert Operative, Ready To Confront The Enigmatic Dr. X-Ray And His Perilous Creation. Assemble Your Team Of At Least 4 Friends And Brace Yourselves For An Hour Of Intense Problem-Solving, Collaboration, And Adrenaline-Pumping Excitement.

Escape the Asylum Escape Room

Step into the eerie corridors of Eloise Asylum, where time stands still, and whispers of the past linger in the air. Decades of abandonment have given rise to an unspeakable presence within these haunted walls. Do you dare to enter the asylum’s depths, where others have ventured but never returned?

Paranormal Investigations

Embark On A Chilling Journey Through Paranormal Mysteries With Our Public Paranormal Tours. Join Us Most Saturday Evenings And Select Fridays For An Immersive Experience. Ready To Dive Into The Supernatural?

History Tours

Our Guided History Tours Offer An Immersive Exploration Of The Infamous Kaybeard Building And Its Haunting Grounds. Led By Our Knowledgeable House Historians, These 3-Hour Tours Weave Together The Compelling Stories Of Eloise Asylum’s Past.

Michael Ray, Love and Theft

Step into a realm where entertainment meets excellence at The Iconic Eloise Venue, the latest gem in Eloise Asylum’s crown. As the premier destination for unforgettable shows and immersive experiences, this venue promises to elevate your entertainment expectations to new heights.

Join us on August 3rd for a night of unparalleled music that will leave you spellbound. Prepare to be mesmerized by the powerhouse vocals and captivating stage presence of Michael Ray, as he headlines an evening of pure magic. Alongside him, revel in the harmonious melodies of Love and Theft, the dynamic energy of Ryan Jay and the Wrecking Krew, and the soul-stirring performances of Rob Stone. It’s a lineup curated to ignite your passion for country music and leave you craving for more.