Crazy in Love | February 9th & 10th

Immerse yourself in the haunting blend of romance and terror at Eloise Asylum’s exclusive Valentine’s event, “Crazy in Love.” Step into an eerie world where heartbeats sync with screams, and shadows hold passionate secrets. This Valentine’s, escape the mundane and plunge into a night of thrilling haunts and dark romance, uniquely designed for the bravest of hearts.

Discover the Terror of Romance at Eloise Asylum

Eloise Asylum – an icon of fear, now hosts “Crazy in Love,” a Valentine’s spectacle that intertwines love with horror. Nestled in the eerie embrace of our historic asylum, this event redefines Valentine’s Day. Our sprawling 54,000 sq ft facility, rich with chilling lore, sets the stage for an unparalleled experience. Here, advanced projection mapping, and over 120 dedicated scare actors bring your deepest fears and romantic fantasies to life. Every corridor and shadowed corner tells a story, making Eloise Asylum the perfect backdrop for a love story like no other. Join us for a night where the line between love and fear becomes thrillingly blurred.

Secure Your Spot for a Valentine’s Thrill at Eloise Asylum


Ready for a heart-racing Valentine’s adventure? “Crazy in Love” at Eloise Asylum offers limited ticket availability to ensure an intimately frightful experience. Each ticket opens the door to a world where love and terror dance in unison. Choose your desired date and time slot, but be warned – tickets are selling as fast as hearts are racing.

This experience is a timed-ticketed event. 

Eloise Asylum remains OPEN past box office hours – Guests MUST BE ON-SITE BEFORE the Box Office closes.

RETURN AND REFUND POLICY: All ticket sales are final. No refunds or returns. Your ticket will allow you to reschedule for another time during the same season.