We are thrilled and honored to be featured in the Royal Oak Tribute article. As the autumn season approaches and the aroma of pumpkin drinks fills the air, the team at Eloise Asylum is gearing up for another spine-chilling and unforgettable Halloween experience. See the full article here.

Asylum Opens New Haunted Attraction with Undiscovered Secret Lab

Get ready to face your deepest fears as Eloise Asylum opens its doors to a brand-new haunted attraction just in time for the Halloween season. With the promise of bone-chilling scares and heart-pounding thrills, this fully immersive experience is set to leave you trembling. In an exciting development, the attraction introduces an undiscovered secret lab, adding a new level of terror to an already haunting setting. From hair-raising encounters to mind-bending puzzles, Eloise Asylum is the place to be for an unforgettable Halloween experience.

Unleashing Fear: The Haunted Attraction

Step into a world of darkness as you enter the haunted attraction at Eloise Asylum. Spanning over 35,000 square feet, this spine-tingling experience will test your courage like never before. Get ready to navigate through twisted corridors, encounter horrifying creatures, and experience heart-stopping surprises at every turn. The haunted attraction is meticulously designed with high-tech horror elements to create an immersive environment that will leave you breathless. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled journey through the depths of fear.

A New Level of Terror: The Undiscovered Secret Lab

Prepare to delve deeper into the darkness as Eloise Asylum unveils its undiscovered secret lab. This chilling addition adds a new layer of horror to the already haunting asylum. As you explore the lab, you will be confronted with mysterious experiments, eerie discoveries, and unimaginable horrors. The combination of atmospheric storytelling and cutting-edge special effects creates an experience that will push your fear threshold to the limit. Will you dare to uncover the secrets hidden within the walls of the secret lab?

Escape the Unthinkable: Signature Escape Rooms

For those seeking an extra challenge, Eloise Asylum offers signature escape rooms that will test your wits and teamwork. Put your problem-solving skills to the test as you navigate through intricate puzzles and race against the clock to escape. With a variety of themes and difficulty levels, there’s an escape room experience for everyone. Can you keep your composure and find your way out of the asylum’s grip? The escape rooms at Eloise Asylum are the ultimate test of nerves and intellect.

Ticket Information and Reservations

To experience the heart-stopping scares of Eloise Asylum’s new haunted attraction and secret lab, tickets are available for purchase starting at $45. For those looking for a VIP experience, enhanced ticket options are also available. To ensure availability, it is recommended to make reservations in advance. Tickets can be purchased through the official Eloise Asylum website, where you can also find additional information about the attraction, FAQs, and contact details. Don’t miss your chance to face your fears and embark on a journey into the unknown.


Eloise Asylum’s new haunted attraction with its undiscovered secret lab is set to deliver an unparalleled Halloween experience. From the bone-chilling scares of the haunted attraction to the mind-bending puzzles of the signature escape rooms, Eloise Asylum invites you to confront your deepest fears. With its attention to detail, immersive environments, and cutting-edge effects, this haunted attraction promises to leave you with lasting memories and sleepless nights. Secure your tickets now and prepare to be immersed in a world of terror at Eloise Asylum. Are you ready to face the unknown?